Elinta Charge history

Start-up spirit backed-up by the solid industry experience

Elinta Charge is living onto this mission to make electronics smart, which is even encoded in the name: EL-electronics + INTelligence.


Elinta Group has been manufacturing smart electronics since 1991


Entered e-mobility industry back in 2011 when they started experimenting with EV engines.


In 2017 Elinta Motors was founded manufacturing electric commercial vehicles.


Spin-off Elinta Charge established in 2018 was a natural extension to fulfill the need for reliable and durable charging solutions.

We are on a mission to zero emission one charging station at a time.

Key principles

Durability is the key principle guiding us in developing future proofed EV charging solutions. These are four main pillars we are building our products on

Timeless design

Intelligent charging solutions

Advanced engineering

In-house support team

Timeless design

Intelligent charging solutions

Advanced engineering

In-house support team

Elinta charge in a nutshell


Charging in 30+ countries Worldwide


110M+ green kilometers powered annually


140M+ tons of CO2 already saved





UPS leads by example as a responsible, caring, and sustainable company making a difference in the communities it serves. Therefore, my company inspires me to do my best, offering opportunity to work with environmentally friendly means. I am delivering packages with electric vehicle every day, thus charging with Elinta Charge chargers pretty frequently and I am honestly happy with seamless charging experience and user-friendly functionalities.

Shayan Ali


Continental Automotive Lithuania

We have installed 5 Elinta Charge charging stations at the Continental factory in Kaunas, with the help of which we charge the electric vehicles belonging to the factory and give the employees the opportunity to charge their vehicles. We are very satisfied with the services and the chargers provided by Elinta Charge. We will definitely install more chargers in the future as the need to charge EVs is growing fast.

Vytautas Bucinskas

Head of Business Assurance & Transformation

Telia Lithuania

As a climate-conscious company with very ambitious plans to achieve zero CO2 by 2030, already today we are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by using electric cars in our fleet and encouraging our employees to use them as well. For few years 20 double Elinta Charge chargers deployed in our parking lot provide us effortless charging experience as well as a beautiful design.

Aivaras Čičelis

Executive Vice President

SEB Bank

Sustainability has been one of our top priorities when we have relocated to the new headquarters of SEB Bank. We also encourage employees to come to the office in environmentally friendly vehicles, which is why we have installed Elinta Charge smart charging points for electric cars in the underground parking lot. By creating convenient conditions for charging electric cars at work, we encourage employees to be innovative and choose clean vehicles.