100 stations in Corsica


  • Comfortable charging at hotels and restaurants
  • Frequent use
  • Poor Internet connection during peak seasons


Millions of tourists visit the picturesque island of Corsica every year. The most convenient way to discover the island is by car. As more and more car rental companies offer electric vehicles, natural need for charging infrastructure emerges. Our local partner chose Elinta Charge to supply 100 public charging stations. Our flagship model CityCarge V2 was chosen due to its modern design, longevity and vast payment methods.



For the retail and hospitality sectors, Elinta Charge has developed a seamless charging experience.  Our public charging stations can be equipped with bank card terminal therefore, visitors do not need to install additional software, i.e. mobile app, to initiate sessions.  To activate the charging, the user needs to connect their cable to plug and tap his/her bank card on the terminal.  A prefixed amount of money is reserved in the bank card’s account.   To stop the session, the user needs to tap the same bank card again, and cable unlocks.  Actual amount of money for charging is then deducted from the reserve amount in the bank card account.

Products chosen for this project

CityCharge V2