Celebrating February 16th

It is not the first time during our celebration of Lithuania’s Independence days that our EV charging stations light up in Lithuania’s flag colors – yellow, green, and red. This year for February 16th, we wanted to do a photoshoot with EVs painted with the national colors. Honestly, we were a bit anxious if it would be possible to find such colorful vehicles, however, thanks to an active EV community and among Lithuania’s businesses, we managed to find more EVs than expected.

Also this year, 15 of Lithuania‘s municipalities joined our event on February 16th and lit up their EV charging stations yellow, green and red colors – Akmenė, Elektrenai, Druskininkai, Ignalina, Kaunas, Kelme, Klaipeda, Moletai, Plunge, Sakiai, Svencionys, Taurage, Utena also Visaginas and Zapyskis. Read more here.



EV charging stations also lit up near the Seimas. We asked Ignas Mikutis, the CEO of Elinta Charge to tell us about this iniciative:

How did you come up with this particular idea of commemorating Feburary 16th?

We wanted to do a photoshoot with the Lithuanian flag as the main inspiration. So, the Elinta Charge team figured we could find three electric vehicles in yellow, green and red colours to match our charging stations, which were lit up with the same, Lithuanian flags’ colors. It was a patriotic initiative, so we wanted to include the EV community. To our surprise, a lot of EV enthusiasts reached out when we posted about this project on social media. However, we faced the first challenge; there are many red cars on Lithuania’s streets, but you would rarely see a yellow or a green car, especially an electric car. Finally, we managed to find the needed colored vehicles even more of them than we needed. Elinta Charge is very thankful for EV drivers and Lithuanian businesses.

How did you implement this idea from the technical side?

It’s great that the installed engineering solutions in our charging stations allow us to do that. Inside the stations, there are LED stripes, whose colors can be changed to whichever RGB color is needed, and the changes can be made remotely.

How is your team reacting to such initiatives?

For the second year, we have had great enthusiasm in our team to fulfill such projects. Especially when we have support from our clients including municipalities, together we create a greater celebration for all Lithuanian inhabitants, to whom this day is very special. Afterall, February 16th is Independence Day – a day about unity and morality.