Charging infrastructure for leading business center MAGNUM


  • Charging infrastructure that complements modern architecture
  • Combination of payable and free charging services
  • Managing different authorisation modes (RFID, app)
  • Managing multiple public and semi-private stations


Business center MAGNUM in Kaunas hosts number of successful and progressive companies in the banking, IT, wholesale industries and others. To increase attractiveness of the this newly build A+ class, 18,000 sq.m. business center, charging infrastructure was installed in the underground parking lot as well as for visitors in front of the façade of the building.


Elinta Charge has been chosen for both hardware and software solutions. CityCharge product line was installed.  Wall-mounted CityCharge Mini2 was placed in the underground parking. This solution is space saving as it is wall-mounted, however can still charge up to two vehicles up to 44 kW (2x22kW).  RedDot award-winning flagship model CityCharge V2 was chosen in front of the façade of the building to blend in modern surroundings of the business center.

It was crucial to have smart user management as charging is used by both employees and visitors. Elinta Charge proprietary back-end system was chosen for administrating chargers as it was possible to set different groups of users. Employees were assigned RFID tags to initiate charging and visitors can initiate and pay for charging via proprietary Elinta Charge App.