The is a management system based on a web application. In the initial phase, the system was only designed for internal use for the management and fault monitoring of Elinta Charge charging stations.

EV charge point& power management software

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Bringing value to

EV drivers

Commercial fleet managers


Key characteristics
Fault tracing
  • With fault comment: overcurrent, overvoltage, etc.
Dynamic Load Management
  • With full system setup
RFID user database
  • + RFID user creation
Integration to payment solutions
  • By card reader or mobile iOS/Android application.
Charging station updates
  • Approved nightly updates/beta updates if no one charging
Hardware monitoring
  • Temperature, location, software version, ip-address monitoring.
Schedule functions
  • Free charge, max charge time, schedule depending on weekday
Power consumption monitoring
  • By user, station, group, total
Adjust charger indication colors
  • Various color combination is available
Setting up payment rules
  • Depending on power consumption, time spent charging, etc.
App transaction log
  • Including payment information
Remote charger control
  • remote reboot, start, stop
Creating new users
  • New user creation with various access rules and privileges
Multiple level user control
  • multiple user family-tree
Interactive Map
  • Based on google-maps
Charge log
  • With unlimited history
User control
  • Full user control with privileges and access control
Combine stations to groups
  • Stations can be grouped and share the same setting
User control access
  • It is possible to restrict what users can see or do in the system
  • 1.6 JSON
Other manufacturer integration
  • Possible to integrate not only Elinta Charge chargers
Power Balancing
Dynamic Load Management (DLM)
Payment solutions
Locating charging stations on the map
Elinta Charge App
Charge point management

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