What is Elios.cloud?

The Elios.cloud is a management system based on a web application. In the initial phase, the system was only designed for internal use for the management and fault monitoring of Elinta Charge charging stations.

Over time, more and more functions were added to the system, to the point where the functionality and performance of the system allowed us to offer it to our customers not only as an extension for fault tracking, but as a complete full tool for the management of charging stations.


Fault tracing – Yes, with fault comment: overcurrent, overvoltage, etc.

Dynamic Load Management – Yes, with full system setup.

RFID user database – Yes + RFID user creation.

Integration to payment solutions – Yes, by card reader or mobile iOS/Android application.

Charging station updates – Yes, approved nightly updates/beta updates if no one charging.

Hardware monitoring – Yes, temperature, location, software version, ip-address monitoring.

Schedule functions – Yes, free charge, max charge time, schedule depending on weekday.

Power consumption monitoring – Yes, by user, station, group, total.

Adjust charger indication colors – Yes, various color combination is available.

Setting up payment rules – Yes, depending on power consumption, time spent charging, etc.

App transaction log – Yes, including payment information.

Remote charger control – Yes, remote reboot, start, stop.

Creating new users – Yes, new user creation with various access rules and privileges.

Multiple level user control – Yes, multiple user family-tree.

Interactive Map – Yes, based on google-maps.

Charge log – Yes, with unlimited history.

User control – Yes, full user control with privileges and access control

Combine stations to groups – Yes, stations can be grouped and share the same setting.

User control access – Yes, it is possible to restrict what users can see or do in the system

OCPP – Yes, 1.6 JSON

Other manufacturer integration – Yes. Possible to integrate not only Elinta Charge chargers.