What is power balancing?

Power Balancing means that the charging station automatically divides the available power
over the vehicles that are charging. The charger analyses the available capacity and
how much power the vehicles require. Subsequently, the smart electronics distribute the
power based on the maximum capacity of the connection. With the system, electric vehicles
can always be charged, even if the installation has a limited capacity.

ONE VEHICLE is being charged. The maximum amount of power is
available for the electric car.

TWO VEHICLES have been connected. The charging station will
divide the available power over the two electric cars. It is possible that
the cars are being charged at a lower speed.

GROUP OF VEHICLES have been connected. When multiple charging
stations for multiple electric vehicles are installed, the charging
power is distributed equally across all electric vehicles to be charged,
avoiding cost-intensive, one-off increases in connection capacity and
prevent peak loads that result in higher demand charges.