About us

We are Elinta Charge. We believe that the future is electric, sustainable, beautiful.

At Elinta Charge, we believe that people in the cities still deserve to live a natural life – breathing clean air, enjoying green surroundings and drinking clean water. Our technology empowers electromobility and encourages a sustainable and clean future.

We also believe that cities are beautiful, where stunning design meets timeless beauty, creating its own unique look and atmosphere. Our bespoke, state-of-the-art EV charging products enhance a city’s aesthetic.

Our mission is to help cities go electric, but stay beautiful. Our charging products are as stunning as the cities they serve. We design our EV charging systems to look like part of the unique local architecture, timeless and full of beauty, as well as being fun and easy to use.

At Elinta Charge, we’re proud to be Lithuanian. Lithuania is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, full of natural beauty. The forests, lakes, and parks of Lithuania inspire us as we mix cutting-edge tech with sustainability. We’re also proud to be part of the long tradition of skilled Northern European craftsmen.

We’ve done the impossible and combined striking design with ultimate functionality. That’ss why our CityCharge V2 public charging station won the prestigious 2018 Red Dot award for Product Design.

Our charging stations are built to last, strong and tough, made from the highest quality brushed aluminum. Their colors don’t fade in the sun or rain, and vandals cannot break them. Plus Elinta Charge stations have the smartest tech inside. Its features Power Balancing and Dynamic Load Management make charging your EV safe and efficient, while DC Monitoring safeguard your system. It’s compatible with almost all CPOs.

You deserve the best. Go electric with Elinta Charge. Designed for maximum beauty.