Private charging station for electric vehicles

HomeBox Slim is a simple and cost effective solution for Mode 3, charging up to 22 kW. HomeBox Slim can be used in garages, parking lots and other private areas. HomeBox Slim is designed to be used at home or office with top industry quality, ensuring long life and high reliability. Charging station is available in 1 or 3 – Phase 16A or 32A.

Design options

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Key characteristics

Simple installation

Wall-mounted or fixed on a pole

Integration with solar panels

Modification with integrated cable

Designed for

Private car parking

Boat charging

Fleet parking

Company territory

Technical specifications
Socket type
  • Type 2—IEC62196 (Mode 3)
  • T2S Shutter Socket (optional)
Input power
  • 3 or 1 phase 400V/AC 50Hz 32 or 16A
Output power (optional)
  • 3-phase 400 V/AC 32 A (22 kW)
  • 3-phase 400 V/AC 16 A (11 kW)
  • 1-phase 230 V/AC 32 A (7,4 kW)
  • 1-phase 230 V/AC 16 A (3,7 kW)
  • Power adjustment via web administration platform
Safety protection
  • Charging cable locking
  • AC/DC current leakage protection
Other specifications
  • Operational temperature -30 °C to +50 °
  • IP54 electrical enclosure rating
  • IK08 impact protection rating
  • Digital energy meter
  • Dimensions 440 x 160 x 130 mm
  • Weight 2.3 kg
  • UV resistant
  • CE certified
Mode 3, Type 2 socket
Output power up to 22 kW
RFID authorization
Integrated smart energy meter web administration
4G / WiFi / OCPP communication / LAN

HomeBox product line

HomeBox Slim
HomeBox Slim Plus
HomeBox Lite
HomeBox Lite Plus

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